Thank you for your interest in Barneveld Area School District School's Facilities.  Without the support of the community we would not be able to offer such quality facilities.  Our school building and school grounds are available to community organizations and businesses as long as events do not conflict with school related and educational programs of the district.

Please enter all information required to become a requestor.  After submitting your request, you will be contacted by the Activities Director or Activities Scretary to finalize the process of your request.  Please allow up to five business days for processing. Please understand you are requesting the space, not reserving the space.  Do not advertise the location until you have received a contract from the Activities Director.

  • Requests should be made at least 10 days prior to your event.

  • The Barneveld Area School District reserves the right to change/cancel/postpone your event due to school needs.



If you have any questions regarding how to make a request or with reserving a space please contact:


Randy Gabel

Activities Director

(608) 924-4711